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Hervé Coeur - L'encre De Tes Yeux (Clip Officiel) | The Ink of Your Eyes (Official Clip)
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(The Ink of Your Eyes) – Hervé Coeur


Director: Pedro Oberto

Director of Photography: Jonathan Ruiz

Music Production: Christopher Toland

Ballet Dancers: Lindsey Donnell & Derek Brockington

Choreography by: Lindsey Donnell, Derek Brockington, Hervé Coeur

Written by: Francis Cabrel

Makeup & Stylist: Beverly Stowe

Video Concept: Paul Mathieu

Graphics by: Pawel Sokalski

Produced by 365 Doors Records



Haute Couture | 2021/22


Director, Director of Photography: Pedro Oberto

Second Director of Photography: Kevin Thorkildsen

Models: Anna Zaia, Deanna Wolf, Larissa Marchiori

Stills: Andrew Morales

Producer: Paul Margolin

Hair: Denis Perani

Makeup: Rebecca Rothmaler

Special Effects on Set: Sergio Zapata

Graphics: William Sommer

Marc Bouwer | Haute Couture 2021-22 | Fashion Film by Pedro Oberto
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